Jury members
D. Eugenio Corcho Bragado president of the jury

Vicepresidente de AVS

D. Gaspar Mayor Pascual Secretary

Anterior Presidente de AVS y Gerente del Patronato Municipal de la Vivienda de Alicante

D. Javier Eugenio Ramos Guallart Member

Secretario General del Ministerio de Vivienda

D. Gabriel Álvarez Fernández Member

Secretario General de la FEMP

D. Antonio Cerezuela Member

Coordinador de GESCAT

D. Luis Álvarez-Ude Cotera Member

Vicepresidente de iiSBE España

Dª Blanca Lleó Member


D. José Manuel Gallego Jorreto Member

Catedrático de Proyectos Arquitectónicos y Urbanismo de la Escuela de Arquitectura de A Coruña

Jury decision

Attending the meeting Guallart Javier Eugenio Ramos, Secretary General of the Ministry of Housing, D. Gabriel Álvarez Fernández, Secretary General of the FEMP, D. Antonio Cerezuela, coordinator GESCAT, the Superior Council of Architects of Spain, D. Luis Alvarez-Ude Cotera, VP iiSBE Spain, Ms. Blanca Lleó, Architect, José Manuel Gallego Jorreto, Professor of Architectural Design and Planning, School of Architecture of A Coruña, D. Eugenio Cork Bragado, Vice President of AVS, and D . Gaspar Mayor Pascual, former President of AVS and Manager of the Municipal Housing Alicante.

Assisted by D. Francesc Villanueva Margalef President of AVS is an excuse, serving as President of the Jury D. Eugenio Cork Bragado.

Jury members elected as Secretary of the D. Gaspar Mayor Pascual.

The following actions to award for "Best Performance in Urbanism" are presented:

EMVS MADRID: Square and rotational building on the street Dulcinea.

Oleiros: building land Sector Santa María de Canide.

Calvia Town Hall. Mallorca: Municipal Promotion 48 VPP in Calvià Vila.

Rated actions Urbanism Award presented to the jury finds that none of the proceedings without prejudicing their values, satisfy the characteristics in the bases.

The jury recommended that new calls for the requirements of the bases of the prizes to allow it to be more attuned to the realities of practice and time frames required by today's urban reconsideration.

The following actions Award for Best Performance in Urban Revitalization occur:

EMVS Madrid: "San Cristobal de los Angeles: an experience of urban revitalization" Villaverde, Madrid.

FORUM Manresa: "Performance of urban renewal. Quatre Cantons. "

INCASOL: "Construction of 189 homes in the area Trinitat Nova in Barcelona."

INCASOL: "Construction of 48 homes in Horta de l'Hospital in Figueras sector."

EPSA: "Comprehensive Plan South Park" Sevilla.

Patronat Municipal de l'Housing of Barcelona: "Remodeling of Bon Pastor" neighborhood of Bon Pastor, Barcelona.

EMUVYSSA: "Special Plan for internal reform in the area of ​​ATM-2 transformation." Santa Adela, Granada.

L'H 2010: "Performance improvement interior apple on Prim (district of Santa Eulalia) Street General."

MUVISA "Area of ​​comprehensive rehabilitation of historic" ARI Lagoon, heritage of humanity. "

MUVISA "Rehabilitation and improvement of accessibility of 12 blocks of flats. The Verdellada. "

REGESA: "A set of buildings for 66 houses, shops and parking on the street Pluto. Badalona. "

Twenty Soderin, Development and Housing, SAU: "Accommodation for young and old."

After his study and debate the jury, considering the conditions bases such as global approach to intervention, solidarity work and coordination among actors implementing the intervention, replicability you can see that despite the complexity of These interventions are feasible realization, you agree to be finalists in this mode following actions:

EPSA: "Comprehensive Plan South Polygon, Sevilla."

Patronat Municipal de l'Housing of Barcelona: "The Reshaping of Bon Pastor in the neighborhood of Bon Pastor, Barcelona."

EMVS Madrid: "San Cristobal de los Angeles: an experience of urban revitalization. Villaverde, Madrid. "

EMUVYSSA: "Special Plan for internal reform in the area of ​​ATM-2 transformation. Santa Adela. Granada. "

PRIZE FOR BEST PERFORMANCE IN URBAN REVITALIZATION the INTEGRAL PLAN OF SOUTH POLYGON is granted. SEVILLA, conducted by EPSA, considering the involvement of the three levels of government, the pluridireccionalidad intervention and diversity in the partnership, methodology and management structure, building social networks and specific offices that allow decentralization and citizen participation in the planning, production and management. The value to undertake such a complex project of such a large size, so affected population, experimenting with innovative methods and finally, the importance of the results.

URBAN EXPERIENCE REVIVAL: the ACCÉSIT SAN CRISTOBAL DE LOS ANGELES is granted. Villaverde MADRID, conducted by the SLA in Madrid considering the involvement of the three levels of government and diversity in partnership with a major local and citizen participation. Comprehensive management from the specific office, the plurality of the intervention, with special emphasis on environmental sustainability. The complexity in the process of rehabilitation and restructuring of buildings, in some cases users living in them, and relocation processes.

The following actions to Sustainable Award for Best Performance in subsidized housing are presented:

EMVS Madrid: "Carabanchel 11" STP 141 homes VPP plot 3.B PAU

EMVS Madrid: "Carabanchel 16"

Housing Entity - Donostiako Etxegintza: "dotacionales Accommodation (63 apartments) for seniors."

REGESA: "25 rental housing for young" street Teodor Llorente, 8. Barcelona.

VISESA "50 bioclimatic housing units and related urbanization" Bermeo, Biscay.

VISESA: "65 housing units in Zabalgana."

FORUM Manresa: "Performance of Quatre Cantons."

IMPSOL: "build 20 homes Torrent de la Font I. Badalona."

IMPSOL: "build 22 homes in the area" Torrent de la Font IV. Badalona. "

IMPSOL: "Building 62 homes in the Masrampinyo sector. Montcada i Reixac. "

IMPSOL: "87 homes in the area Masrampinyo. Montcada i Reixac. "

IMPSOL: "55 housing units with local and parking. Sant Joan Despi. "

EPSA "26 housing units in special regime. Umbrete, Sevilla. "

IRVISA: "14 housing in the old town of Logroño."

IRVISA: "8 bioclimatic detached housing units. Tudelilla, La Rioja. "

IRVISA: "60 housing units in the L1 plot Valdegastea, Logroño"

IRVISA: "70 housing units on the parcel B2 Valdegastea, Logroño."

Granollers Promocions: "Pla de Baix"

IVVSA .: "40 bioclimatic subsidized housing intended for young rent in Torrevieja. Alicante. "

Bilbao Municipal Housing "Platform 70 housing in the Rekalde neighborhood. Bilbao. "

After study and discussion the jury agreed, considering those housing developments better designed for user satisfaction that incorporate energy saving measures and environmental protection with economic criteria of austerity and give easily replicable architectural solutions, are finalists in this mode the following actions:

IMPSOL: "55 housing units with local and parking in Sant Joan Despi. Barcelona. "

REGESA: "25 rental housing for young" street Teodor Llorente, 8. Barcelona ".

VISESA "50 bioclimatic subsidized housing and urbanization linked in Bermeo, Biscay."

IRVISA: "8 bioclimatic detached housing units. Tudelilla. La Rioja "

EPSA "26 housing units in special regime. Umbrete. Sevilla "

The PREMIOA THE BEST PERFORMANCE IN SUSTAINABLE HOUSING PROTECTED to "25 RENTAL HOUSING FOR YOUNG PEOPLE ON THE STREET TEODOR Llorente, 8 in BARCELONA" promoted by REGESA, considering its industrialization that contributes to the reduction of waste is granted. The project design with passive climate control through cross ventilation, fixed sunscreen and natural lighting, despite the difficulties due to lack of surface facade, sharing the block and be small housing units. All this affects energy consumption limit both the implementation and maintenance

The ACCÉSIT is given to "26 HOUSING OFFICER IN SPECIAL PROTECTION SCHEME in UMBRETE. SEVILLA "promoted by EPSA considering its modulation through but not complex building systems that provide inertia for a passive climate control.

Natural lighting with alternating empty and full and the adequacy of the design environment for better environmental performance.

In witness whereof signed this Act the Secretary with the approval of the Chairman.

Deadlines From 15/03/2008 to 30/04/2008
Adreça C/ Luis Vives, nº 2, 1º entlo. 46003
Phone 96 391 90 13 / 96 392 40 53