Thamesmead CD&M Project

Switchee began with the fundamental aims of 1) eliminating fuel poverty, 2) cutting the carbon emissions of social housing stock and 3) providing key environmental data to social landlords. Switchee won the 2017 Ashden Award for Energy Innovation.

By monitoring and learning occupancy habits and trends, Switchee optimises heating settings, reducing energy bills and the carbon footprint of low income homes by 15-20%. A recent independent National Energy Action (NEA) report showed average savings of 17.91% and maximum savings of 25.88%. Based on these findings, the assumed average saving per Switchee per annum is 1.14MwH, with the maximum saving being 1.65MwH. Similarly, the assumed average CO2 saving per Switchee per annum is 210kg, with the maximum saving being 304kg.

One resident with three children who saved £300 on her annual gas energy bill is quoted to have said ‘having children is expensive, but this saving has made a really big difference’.

Based on Switchee’s sales forecasts, within 5 years Switchee will have saved a cumulative total of £85m worth of energy. This money goes back into the pockets of the poorest in our country, thus making a material dent in fuel poverty.

The data provided by Switchee’s five sensors is used by landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their housing stock. Flagship Group’s (large housing association in East of England) Head of Technology, Yogesh Gohil, said: “Switchee is a fantastic, simple and innovative product that has greatly enhanced our understanding of property performance. Our residents have been highly receptive to the introduction of a piece of smart technology into their homes that can reduce their energy bills.”

European Responsible Housing Awards 2019

Modalidad Leaders of innovation, agents of fair energy transition

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