10.000 managed housing

Promote access to housing

The fleet of 10,000 managed housing units targets households oriented by the SIAO (Services Intégrés d'Accueil et d'Orientation – Integrated Support and Orientation Services) who meet PDALPD criteria (Plan départemental d'action pour le logement des personnes défavorisées – Departmental action plan for housing underprivileged persons).

In order to ensure housing is accessible and to keep these households in homes, the cost must be less than 25% of total household income including heating for households that are on the minimum income.

Social workers will set up suitable social support:

- Meeting the prospect at his/her home and contacting partners.

- Social assessment highlighting the difficulties encountered and the actions to be taken in the contract of aims.

- Establishment of social fees as well as an energy kit to make tenants aware of eco-actions.

For 2015, 30 to 35 potential allocations are planned for Présence Habitat PLAI housing located in urban areas along the Metz Thionville to Moselle Est axis.

Support keeping people in housing

The “10,000 managed housing units” stock concerns Présence Habitat households who are occupiers without any rights or title due to legal proceedings for unpaid rent.

The aim is to help keep them housed as part of a 6 month AMLI sub-let, which can be renewed once.

For 2015 the aim is to carry out an experiment on this with 5 to 10 households.

All situations will be validated at a committee meeting attended by the DDCS (Direction départementale de la cohésion sociale – Departmental Social Cohesion Department), the Departmental Council, the CAF (Caisse d'allocations familiales – Family Benefits Fund) and AMLI. Situations can be dealt with directly by the DDCS (DALO application – Droit au Logement Opposable – Exceptional Right to Social Housing after Long-Term lack of Accommodation – in an eviction procedure by other leaseholders).

A social assessment shared with the partners is produced for each application.

Extra social support is put in place with the families which enter into a reciprocal written and signed agreement on the objectives to re-establish their ability to rent a home.

If the undertakings are met (restarting payment of current rentals and compliance with an arrears clearance plan), a new rental will be signed.

If the debt is due to a mismatch between the housing and the situation of the household, a residential pathway will be studied internally or with other leaseholders or via the AMLI establishments, depending on the assessment.

Finally, if the household does not keep the agreement, eviction proceedings will be taken.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2016

Modalidad Local social sustainability

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