Neither rent nor purchase. La Borda relies on a model of non-speculative holding that focuses in its inhabitants.

Its bottom-up organizational scheme relies on existing social networks in the surrounding neighborhood and the expertise of external participants to find a socially desirable and economically sustainable solution to the community’s housing needs. This 28-unit housing cooperative is the result of the synergies created with organizations and individuals within the social and solidarity economy. It is a not-for-profit housing cooperative. Its members govern the organization through the general assembly, which defines the strategies and approves and monitors the projects related to the development process.

La Borda implements a cession of use tenancy regime for the allocation of its housing units. This model - inspired by the Andel model in Denmark and the FUCVAM in Uruguay- leaves the ownership of the building to the cooperative and grants the right to use each dwelling to each household through a cession of use contract in exchange for an entry fee and a monthly payment. The residents have the indefinite right to use their assigned dwellings as long as they are members of the cooperative. The right of use can be left in bequest if the heirs are members inhabiting the cooperative and fulfill the income criteria set by the law for affordable housing. If any of the residents wants to leave the cooperative, the entry fee will be returned and the cooperative will choose the next dweller.

Together with the cooperative model, the cession of use regime is intended to preserve housing affordability in perpetuity and to avoid the privatization of affordable housing units.

La Borda differs from a mainstream housing development in that it fosters a communal living model. By fostering community life through shared common facilities and spaces, La Borda aims to optimize its space and resources while encouraging interaction between residents. This is achieved by prioritizing common space over private dwelling space.

Another characteristic element of La Borda is its focus on sustainability in both the low environmental impact of the construction project and the sustainable usage of the building. On one hand, the construction methods and materials used have been chosen to minimize the environmental footprint of the project without rising costs. On the other hand, a responsible, sustainable usage of the building by its residents is promoted to minimize the consumption of natural resources.

European Responsible Housing Awards 2019

Modalidad “More than a roof” – supporting communities of equal opportunities

Dirección Constitució 85
08014 - Barcelona
Barcelona (España)