08 de November de 2012

Conversation with Xavier Ros of Harquitectes.

We are at a key moment in our profession. The massed construction, architecture frivolous, exploitation of the landscape ... The ease with which has been built has left a footprint solve difficult at this point. Still, maybe it's not too late. Now when architects have to conform to an austerity and ecological awareness that barely existed until recently. Harquitectes and Fitness 704 winner Enor Young Architecture Prize in 2011, is one of the many emerging examples, whose rational architecture and committed to the environment get the public aware of the need for a sustainable culture.... Read More
04 de October de 2012

WAF Awards 2012 Winners

Prizes World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2012 just announced the winners of its 17 categories. The jury included Sir Peter Cook, Juergen Mayer H, Moshe Safdie, Willy Alsop and many more. Here's the list of categories and their respective winners: Schools / School Binh Duong l , Vo Trong Nghia Architects Future projects Commercial, Leisure-led development / Gunoot Eco Resort, SSH AGU City City Campus, EAA Shopping Centrest-Site, Klein Dytham Arhitects Villa / Shearer's Quarters, John Wardle Architects Higher Education & Research / Campus for Central Saint Martins,... Read More
13 de July de 2012

FAD Awards Winners 2012

Our previous era, marked by excess, has made ​​the jury of the FAD Awards 2012 that would reward architecture that would answer the needs that nowadays the society. That is, sensible architecture that responds to the civic values ​​that exist today to redirect Architecture. The winner in the category of temporary spaces has been granted to Magnolia JOSÉ ADRIÃO. The project provides content to the Christmas lights without actually resorting to clichés associated with it. Thus, the conventional custom presumably becomes more intense interpretation. The winner in the category CITY... Read More
30 de May de 2012

A + 2012 Awards Finalists

The jury for the third edition of the Architecture Plus Awards, meeting on Monday 21 May in Trespa Design Center of Barcelona, ​​unveiled the finalists for these awards. In addition, it has also been awarded the "A + Honours for best career" Victor López Cotelo and "A Special Award to Young Studio + Arquitecutra Most Promising" the architect José María Sánchez García. Choosing the winners and the award ceremony of A + Awards 2012 will take place on Tuesday 19 June at Roca Madrid Gallery. FINALISTS CATEGORY + AWARD FOR BEST PROJECT OF ARCHITECTURE OF... Read More
21 de May de 2012

Finalists BIAU VIII

152 proposed. 26 finalists. 5 of them Spanish. This has been the Jury of the VIII Latin American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism promoted by the Ministry of Development. After three weeks of deliberation, and allocated among works built in Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela and Spain. In the category of constructed works, high quality and functional diversity (as they have gone selected from family, collective and subsidized housing housing to extensions of museums and sports facilities), there will be a selection to be held in Cádiz from... Read More
14 de May de 2012

FAD Awards 2012 Finalists

AWARDS AND CRITICAL THINKING FAD 2012 The FAD Awards critical thinking and 2012 (chosen by Toni Marí, Ricardo Devesa and Octavi Rofes) has been awarded a 4 books from different theoretical frameworks and methodologies we explain the current situation from different points of view very clarifiers. The importance of time in which we live, pop, must begin to be recognized both in size and in the consequences it is generating. Therefore, the winners are: 1- The garden of the metropolis. Romantic landscape outdoor space for a sustainable city (Enric Batlle) 2- The ferro Barcelona. A... Read More
26 de April de 2012


There are a thousand ways to reach this semicircular plaza, iconic space in Madrid for their features like Kilometer 0 or celebrating the new year. The various metro and 10 streets leading to it extol its centrality. This interest was what made from May 15 to June 12 found the square packed with people protesting against the current "democratic" system. At first, they were a few who occupied the square with a spontaneous camping, but because of police charges (or perhaps because of them) many citizens of Madrid joined the cause. This resulted in what might be called a civic Guggenheim... Read More
02 de March de 2012

Alvar Aalto Medal for PAULO DAVID

Alvar Aalto Foundation and the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) awarded last February, the Alvar Aalto Medal Portuguese architect Paulo David. The Finnish Museum of Architecture has made this month an exhibition of the works of architect of Madeira, whose best-known projects are the Centro das Artes and the Casa das Muda. The works of Paulo David have been recognized for their respectful contextualization in the territory. His projects explore the environment through gravity and geometry purest. Award which recognizes architectural creativity of Paulo David and in previous... Read More
02 de March de 2012

Driehaus Prize 2012 Michael Graves

The American architect Michael Graves 77 years has won the current edition of the Richard H. Driehaus Awards Notre Dame School of Architecture. It is a recognition granted to the incorporation of the classical principles in the current architecture. Michael Graves promotes an architecture to "improve everyday life" through the practice of architecture and urban planning, as well as the overall design of the elements that compose it. The architect and designer who was awarded the Gold Medal of the AIA (American Institute of Architecture), Driehaus receive the award during the ceremony... Read More
02 de March de 2012

2012 Pritzker Prize: WANG SHU

The Pritzker Prize, born in 1979, annually recognize the work and career of an architect who demonstrates their contribution to humanity through the exercise of the art of architecture through talent, perspective and commitment to their work. This year 2012, the Pritzker Prize was awarded in the hands of 48-year architect Wang Shu Chinese origin. He is founder and director, along with his wife since 1997, the Amateur Architecture Studio, which include works such as the Library of Wenzheng College at the University of Suzhou, Ningbo History Museum and Xiangshan Campus of Fine Arts in... Read More
02 de March de 2012

Architecture Awards of the Girona region 2012

The College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC) has announced the fifteenth edition of the Architecture Awards of the Girona region 2012. Prizes are awarded in recognition of the efforts of professionals and architectural excellence of the works in the Girona finished in 2011. All projects, all under one category must submit documentation in electronic form, on a panel, as provided in the rules, with four representative levels of the work, five images and a text description of the project. The registration deadline for nominations is February 24, 2012 at 14h, also the deadline for... Read More
02 de March de 2012

IX Edition of Catalonia Construction Awards

The Col·legi d'Arquitectes Aparelladors Tècnics i Enginyers d'Edificació Barcelona - CAATEEB- has announced the ninth edition of the Premis Catalunya Construcció to recognize the work and efforts of professionals in the construction sector. The deadline for submitting projects is March 30, 2012 at 14h and participate completed works between 2011 i 2012 in the territory of Catalonia. The Premi Catalunya Construcció consists of four categories and two special prizes that will be awarded by a jury composed of the president of CAATEEB a member of the Board of the College Govern-five... Read More