24 de July de 2014

VI Architecture Award Finalists Lifts ENOR

The jury of the sixth edition of ENOR Architecture Award sponsored by the elevator company ENOR announced the finalists who will compete for prizes: Grand Prize and Enor Enor Young Architecture Prize, each with a prize of 8000 and € 4,000 respectively. Of the 305 proposals submitted, 76 were selected to finally conclude with 20 finalists, who will compete to be awarded on 14 November at Headquarters Group Lifts Enor during the awards ceremony. FINALISTS - DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL RECOVERY AND VALUE OF ENVIRONMENT AND BEACH FORT RIVER Goian by Studio Pablogpicard (Tomino,... Read More
23 de July de 2014

Winners WAN Glass in Architecture Awards 2014

The Jury of the WAN Awards, organized by World Architectural News, in the category Glass in Architecture has revealed the winners of it. For this occasion we evaluate the innovative use of glass, whether in exterior, interior and / or openings walls, as well as constructive and technological proposals that the glass should play an important role. AWARDS - REFORM OF THE TEMPLE OF WESTCHESTER by ROGERS PARTNERS Architects + Urban Designers (Scarsdale, New York, United States) - "APPLE STORE" IN STANFORD by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (Palo... Read More
22 de July de 2014

Retrofit Awards Finalists 2014

They have announced the finalists who will compete for the Retrofit Awards 2014, which aim to reward the best architectural pieces UK, both new construction and restoration and / or extensions. The Retrofit Awards feature a dozen themed differentiated by the programmatic use of the building. In addition, the categories of houses, college unfold considering the cost of the work, and the group of office by the square footage of the building, creating two subdivisions of each of these, obtaining a total of 14 categories. JURY - Duncan Baker-Brown BBM Sustainable Design -... Read More
21 de July de 2014

Otis 1st Prize Winners

The jury Otis 1st Prize, organized by Foundation Architecture and Society and for students of architecture, has announced its winners. Participants had as a location area of Lavapies (Madrid), which could act freely, arguing their proposals des both a perspective as a theoretical project, taking into account the theme of the award, "Trace - City" . With the motto the jury and the organizers claimed that the solutions have an urban focus, serving the Prize itself as an opportunity to re-interpret and reflect on spanning urban and social problems with new architectural approaches.... Read More
17 de July de 2014

RIBA Stirling Prize Award Finalists 2014

The RIBA Stirling Prize 2014 award organized by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in order to reward that work which has made ​​a major contribution to the evolution of architecture providing new ways of understanding the architectural world, already has finalists. Although the selected projects arising from the winners of the RIBA National Award 2014 and EU, giving possibility to get the prize projects both in the UK and the rest of the European Union, for this occasion all the finalists have proven works Saxon architecture. JURY - Spencer de Grey: Partner... Read More
17 de July de 2014

Praemium Imperiale Award 2014

The Japan Art Association (JAA) has recently named the winners of the Praemium Imperiale Award 2014 in all categories: music, theater / cinema, painting, sculpture and, with respect to this news, architecture. The award, annually, has since 1989 recognizing "outstanding contributions in the development, dissemination and advancement of the arts" in various fields. With regard to the architectural category, large icons of architecture as James Stirling, Alvaro Siza, Jean Nouvel, Richard Rogers, Tadao Ando, ​​Zaha Hadid, Toyo Ito and Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, have received... Read More
16 de July de 2014

Winners WAN Concrete in Architecture Awards 2014

The various awards WAN Awards organized by World Architectural News still rewarding the best projects in different categories convened. This time it was the jury's award Concrete in Architecture 2014 who announced the prize winner. As a goal, WAN Concrete in Architecture Awards 2014 aim to reward those architectural designs that are committed to innovation in the use of concrete in both design and construction aspects and show the concrete as a main character of the building. JURY - Steven Olson Kundig Architects Rainville - Kudo-King Kevin Olson Kundig Architects... Read More
15 de July de 2014

Finalists WAN Glass in Architecture Awards 2014

The jury of the WAN Glass in Architecture Awards 2014 announced the finalists who will compete to be awarded as building better application of glass in architecture. The prizes that befall us are one of many organized by World Architecture News in its architectural awards program WAN Awards, which have different and varied categories for rewarding those architectural projects that stand out in a specific field. WAN aim of Glass in Architecture Awards, the jury aims to show those buildings innovate in the use of glass, whether des of a constructive, technological or design view.... Read More
15 de July de 2014

Winners Premis Catalunya Construcció 2014

On July 11th Night of the construction was held in the Auditorium of Barcelona, ​​a major event in the building that housed the delivery of Catalunya Construcció 2014 Tubes sector. Of the 110 applications submitted, the jury had selected 17 finalists that applied for the awards, of which 5 were finally named as winners and 3 have been recognized with honorable mentions. AWARDS The jury named a winner in each category except the category of Innovation in construction, in which there were two prizes ex aequo. ADDRESS OF IMPLEMENTATION AND MANAGEMENT OF WORK -... Read More
11 de July de 2014

Winners Best New Buildings - 2014 RIBA National Awards and European

They have announced the winners of the Best New Building - 2014 RIBA National and EU Award, one of many awards the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). The aim of the Best New Building is to reward the best interventions around Europe, focusing with particular attention to recent architectural proposals raised in the UK. The winners are divided into two categories: National, referring to any project located in the United Kingdom; and European understanding any piece of architecture found in any European country. In the first category were awarded 44 projects, while... Read More
11 de July de 2014

Winners Delta ADI Medals 2014 and 2014 Awards

This last night delivering the Delta Awards 2014, created with the aim of highlighting the important role that design performs in the economy and society, supplemented by the ceremony of the ADI Medals 2014, intended for industrial design students was held. Both awards were organized by ADI-FAD with intent to publicly recognize those designs, both professionally and in academia, offering innovations in fields of social, environmental, technological ... AWARDS: DELTA 2014 Award Review 5 Deltas Silver, 1 Gold Delta were delivered. - DELTA GOLD: TRICK by Skira -... Read More
08 de July de 2014

Finalists Rosa Barba Landscape Award 2014

They have announced the finalists for the Landscape Award Rosa Barba, organized by the COAC (Association of Architects of Catalonia) and ETSAB (School of Architecture of Barcelona), and included within the framework of the 8th International Biennial Landscape to be held on 25,26 and 27 September this year in Barcelona under the slogan "A landscape for you." JURY - Desiree Martinez: past president of the International Federation of Landscape Architects - Michael Van Gessel: Jury President, landscape and professor at University of California, Berkeley - Sue Anne Ware: Head... Read More
07 de July de 2014

Regional winners of the Best Tall Building Awards 2014

CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat), counsel involved in the dissemination, study and research of tall buildings, has announced the regional winners of the 2014 Best Tall Building Awards. These awards are intended to recognize those projects that have contributed to the advancement of building design from great heights. The Best Tall Building Awards are one of the most prestigious awards in the field of architecture, rewarding not only the design in the project, but also any study or technological, constructive, conceptual and / or program development. The... Read More
07 de July de 2014

Award Winner 2014 UIA Vassilis Sgoutas

The UIA awards, created in 1961 with the intention of recognizing those professionals whose career has had an impact or international impact in a field related to architecture, have announced the winners of Vassilis Sgoutas prize, built in 2008 to the UIA and as these are awarded every three years under the Triennial World Congress of the International Union of Architects (International Union of Architects' Triennial World Congress), to be held from 3 to 9 August this year in Durban, South Africa. Vassilis Sgoutas The award aims to reward those significant contributions to improving... Read More
04 de July de 2014

Open registration for eVolo 2015 Skyscraper Competition

EVolo Magazine Magazine has called another year the eVolo Skyscraper Competition, one of the most prestigious awards dedicated to architecture from great heights. The award aims to be a mechanism to promote the incorporation of new technologies, materials and programs in designing skyscrapers, reinventing its architecture, both in spatial organization and constructive and structural aspects. JURY - Massimiliano Fuksas: Director / Chief in Studio Fuksas - Michael Hansmeyer: Group CAAD at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Richard Hassell: Director / chief... Read More