04 de July de 2014

FAD Awards 2014 Winners

Yesterday, July 3 at 21.00 was the awarding of the 2014 FAD Awards (organized by Arquin-FAD), one of the most important in the various fields of architecture throughout the Iberian Peninsula and the islands awards. Of the 25 finalists, the jury named a winner per category, except for the group of international proposals, in which he decided to name it four winners. In addition, two mentions were awarded in the subject of architecture. The public could contribute their bit to the Awards, deciding Review Awards, which were granted one per category presented. AWARDS... Read More
03 de July de 2014

Selected Delta Awards 2014

The Delta Awards 2014 will be awarded on 10 July. Organized by ADI-FAD and intended to emphasize the value of design and its important contribution both to the economy and society, allowing emphasize the important social role of design. The jury of Chris Lefteri, Eugeni Quitllet, Inga Sempé, Joaquim Ruiz Millet, Johannes Carlström, Jorde Díez and Gracia Cardona, has already selected deserving to qualify for these awards products, reducing the total to 53 nominations proposals. SELECTED Here are the 53 selected products are shown with their respective manufacturers created... Read More
02 de July de 2014

Urban Habitat Award Winner

CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat), one of the most important media worldwide with which professionals from various fields may disclose, study and share studies and information about the design, construction and use of buildings from great heights and future cities, has announced the winner of Urban Habitat Award. The winners and mentioned in both Urban Habitat Award and the Best Tall Buildings, will be honored at the 13th Annual Symposium CTBUH Awards to be held at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago on November 6. Apart from recognition and... Read More
01 de July de 2014

Open Call for Global Graduate Architecture Awards 2014

The Call for Global Architecture Graduate Awards 2014 is open until August 4 (extended deadline). These dedicated to spreading the work of architecture students who are currently pursuing studies or have graduated in the course of the last year, betting on the importance of outputting academic projects and their authors, understanding that in a few years be respectable awards professionals who try to find their way into the world of architecture. Thus, 2014 GAGA understood as a kind of help to start an architectural career carve hard. Winner 2013 Postgraduated GAGA: THE... Read More
27 de June de 2014

Laus Awards 2014 Winners

Yesterday June 26 took place in the Design Hub Barcelona celebrating the Laus 2014, the ceremony of the Laus Awards 2014 (organized by ADG-FAD), one of the most important awards in the design world, spanning multiple fields: des graphic design to audiovisual through advertising and digital media. CATEGORIES AND JURY Each category had a specialized Jury highest level in the field, and their different themes. 1. GRAPHIC DESIGN Jury: Martí Canillas, Marcos Figueiredo, Gabriel Morales, Fraser Muggeridge, Ainhoa ​​Nagore, Wenceslao Sanz, Matt Willey, Victor Palau, Simon... Read More
26 de June de 2014

Last days to report to the IX AJAC Awards

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Agrupació of Young Architects of Catalonia (AJAC), the ninth edition of the AJAC Awards for young architects and is organized biannually. The Awards aim to show society the quality of the proposals of young architects, building at the same time to give a good spread of the work of these professionals All architects and architecture students under 40 years (as of December 31, 2013) may participate, provided that the submitted work has been carried out or constructed depending on the category within the period from 01-01-2012 and 31-12-2013, and... Read More
26 de June de 2014

XXVI Awards Winners Habitácola

This last night, taking advantage of the opening of FADfest, were announced the winners of the XXVI Habitácola Awards organized by Arquinfad. For the 26th edition of the Awards will be decided by the motto Arruinate, covering topics ruinous architectures semi-abandoned or underused and its possible transformations to generate a new approach to housing. AWARDS The participants sent a short video summary explanation of the proposal which can be displayed by entering the following links belonging to each winner or mentioned. - AWARD category TRANSPARENCY: ANAMOR035 by... Read More
25 de June de 2014

Open the Call for 2nd Biennial Guastavino 2014-2015

The 2nd Biennial Guastavino 2014-2015 organized by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona Provincial Council, the College of Architects of Catalonia and the municipalities of Barcelona and Vilassar de Dalt, aims to promote knowledge, study and research the work of Rafael Guastavino Moreno. The aim of the Biennial Guastavino is to promote two lines of research: - Firstly the research about the buildings that Guastavino Company has performed around the world, thus encouraging constructive study of the buildings, as well as materials and timbrel vaults.... Read More
25 de June de 2014

Finalists 11th edition Premis Catalunya Construcció 2014

The Jury of the Premis Catalunya Construcció 2014 has announced the finalists who will compete for the award in the four categories of this eleventh edition, whose participation has positively surprised its organizers - Association of Surveyors of Barcelona (CAATEEB), Council of Colleges of Catalonia and Arquinfad -. Of the 110 nominations submitted by teams and companies responsible for directing, coordinating and project finished works during the years 2012 and 2013, the Jury made ​​a first selection of 41, where explanations of the candidates themselves in the documentation... Read More
18 de June de 2014

Award winning City to City Barcelona FAD Award 2014

It has announced the winner of the City to City Barcelona FAD Award 2014 prize organized by FAD Barcelona with the aim of rewarding those cities that have hosted some kind of urban transformation as a means to solve any conflict or suffering problems. AWARDS - PRIZE: BOMBAY - Closing Gorai dump ( see video ) With the transformation of nineteen acres with tons of waste in a large green area, it has ended two decades of operation Gorai landfill. Currently, Bombay has managed decontaminate air and increase the quality of life of its citizens, showing an urban rejuvenation of... Read More
12 de June de 2014

BASF Architecture Awards Winners 2014

The BASF Architecture Awards, dedicated to reward the best architectural projects (both Spain and Portugal), using the products and solutions with BASF materials, have announced their winners. For this edition the jury decided to award the prize ex aequo. JURY - Enric MIR (+ mMass Architecture) - PERE Borralleras (Marketing Manager Construction Chemicals Iberia) - EVA BARBAS (Technical Service BASF Construction Chemicals Spain) AWARDS - PRIZE EX AEQUO: SCHOOL BANCAL of Lloret de Mar by Bosch-Capdeferro - PRIZE EX AEQUO: PHARMACY... Read More
11 de June de 2014

Winners Premis d'Architecture de les Comarques de Girona 2014

The "Premis d'Arquitectuar de les Comarques de Girona", convened in order to evaluate and disseminate good architecture produced within the territory of the province, and encourage, with this gesture, the architectural debate, already have winners. These Awards (the only annual basis of the eight presently given the College of Architects of Catalonia through its boundaries, branches and offices) are intended to recognize the efforts of professionals involved in the building process (technical, builders, developers ... ), with the hope that these actions resulting in increased interest... Read More
10 de June de 2014

Awarded 14th International Venice Biennale of Architecture 2014

The Jury of the Venice Biennale, along with the director and presediente of this, Rem Koolhaas and Paolo Baratta respectively, announced the winners in the category pavilions National Participation and Research Projects awarded. The winners were selected according to the jury, to show the public the importance of the Biennale in the context of producing and sharing knowledge about modernity; showing as an important event for the discovery of new areas of influence in the architectural world. JURY - FRANCESCO BANDARIN: President (Italy) - Kunle ADEYEMI (Nigeria) - VAN... Read More
05 de June de 2014

UIA Gold Medal Winner 2014

The Union International des Architects (UIA) has decided to award the Gold Medal, one of the most prestigious awards attributed to an architect for architects. After several nominations and voting, conducted by various professional organizations from around the world, the Jury consisting of: Albert Dubler (Chair), Louise Cox (Past President), Michel Barkami (Secretary General), Patricia Emmet (Treasurer), and vice Antonio Raffaele Riverso, Deniz Incedayu, Thomas Vonier, Mohamed and Ali Hayder That; has decided to award the Golden Medal at the American architect of Chinese origin, Ieoh... Read More
30 de May de 2014

Winners VII Architecture and Interior Design Awards 2014 Porcelanosa Group

Porcelanosa Group held its Awards Gala VII Architecture and Interior recently, including on the spot delivery of the prizes to the top entries in this competition, which involved more than 170 professionals and students. The purpose of these awards is to select the best architectural proposal using different materials provided by the companies of the Porcelanosa Group, in addition to disseminating these proposals and materials and encourage creative activity of new and future professionals. JURY - RAQUEL Chamorro (Chamorro Raquel Studio) - Daniel Libeskind (Studio... Read More